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Tropenglut GmbH
Ing. Friedrich Enickl
Nöckhamstrasse 3
A-4407 Dietach / Steyr
Österreich / Austria

T: (+43)07252/38267
F: (+43)07252/38267- 13


safe                                       tough                                      reliable

60 KW heater with fuel extractor stirrer

Tropenglut wood chips heater is located in a sidebuilding outside of an apartment house.
The output is 60 KW. The wood chips storing room is filled from outside via a drivable lid.
The fuel is carried by the fuel extractor stirrer and the screw conveyors via fuel slice into
the high temperature fire box.


50 KW heater with 2 hydraulic push floors and a storing room in the upper floor

The heating room is situated in the ground floor in a former piggery and the storing room
in the upper floor. Two hydraulic push floors (length: 10m, width: 2,5m) carry the
wood chips into the screw conveyors. A fuel slice provides for absolute safety. The
living rooms and the piggery are supplied with warmth. The output is 50 KW.


72 KW heater with hydraulic push floor

The 72 KW wood chips heater heats a farm and a house. The heater is situated in the
ground floor of the farm building. A hydraulic push floor of 7 meters withdraws the
wood chips out of the storing room. The wood chips storing room is filled by a tractor
front loader. The fuel slice provides backfire safety


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