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Tropenglut GmbH
Ing. Friedrich Enickl
Nöckhamstrasse 3
A-4407 Dietach / Steyr
Österreich / Austria

T: (+43)07252/38267
F: (+43)07252/38267- 13

safe                                       tough                                      reliable

Tropenglut Backfire safety device:

- Backfire safety lock
- Fuel slice

Backfire safety lock

Tropenglut backfire safety lock, developed 1988, has guaranteed highest safety for many years. It closes without electricity and prevents a drawback of fire.

Fuel slice

Tested by IBS, the fuel slice provides absolute safety against backfire, especially with fine, dusty combustible.
Inside the robust steel housing wood chips reach the screw conveyors via several sluices.

Certified by IBS

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