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Tropenglut GmbH
Ing. Friedrich Enickl
Nöckhamstrasse 3
A-4407 Dietach / Steyr
Österreich / Austria

T: (+43)07252/38267
F: (+43)07252/38267- 13


safe                                       tough                                      reliable

Pile burner (80 to 150 KW)

A combined system makes it possible to use wood pieces and automatic wood chips heater. This pile burner stands out due to:

- efficiency over 90%
- high temperature burner chamber for wet wood also
- fire temperature control with combustion-sensor
- lambda control - automatic ignition via glow pencil
- automatic deashing via mud hole door
- automatic boiler cleaning facility via steel spring
- induced draft fan
- exceptionally robust construction

TROPENGLUT Wood chips heater stands for:

highest quality, meaning: best energetic utilization, high environmental competence, robust construction, as well as comfort and operator convenience and above all efficiency. technical data Wood chips heater type ATV Consistent of boiler and high temperature burner. Fuel: Energy wood chips G 30 W 20 ÖNORM M7133

1 Rust
2 Fire cement combuster
3 Fire screw conveyor
4 Thermal discharge safety device
5 Tubular heat exchanger
6 Heat exchanger cleaning
7 Isolation
8 Covering
9 ID van
10 Boler tube connection
11 Supply
12 Return
13 Combustion chamber door

Technical data      
Wood chips heater type AT      
Consists of boiler and high temperature burner      
Fuel: Energy wood chips G 30 W 20 ÖNORM M7133      
Underfeed stoker type AT      
Nominal power  86 KW 120 KW 150 KW
Width 840 mm 840 mm 840 mm
Depth 1525 mm 1745 mm 1745 mm
Total hight 1510 mm 1510 mm 1510 mm
Filling hole for wood bricks 57 x 43 cm 57 x 43 cm 57 x 43 cm


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