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Tropenglut GmbH
Ing. Friedrich Enickl
Nöckhamstrasse 3
A-4407 Dietach / Steyr
Österreich / Austria

T: (+43)07252/38267
F: (+43)07252/38267- 13


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Control system

Highly economical and environmentally control systems.

Centre of the heating system is the control system, which regulates all actions.

The Tropenglut computer control system offers a terminal display, which serves as electronic control. Furthermore it’s easy to operate. All operating conditions can be read and adjusted.

The control system regulates the heating all by itself. Automatic ignition, regulation of the feeding with wood chips and optimal burning provide comfortable warmth in the house.

The control system can adjust:

summer activity – warm water only
transition period activity – heating in the evening and morning and warm water
winter activity – heating during day and night and warm water
Outdoor temperature controlling causes a constant room temperature. The water temperature inside of the boiler is also regulated by the controller.

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