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Tropenglut GmbH
Ing. Friedrich Enickl
Nöckhamstrasse 3
A-4407 Dietach / Steyr
Österreich / Austria

T: (+43)07252/38267
F: (+43)07252/38267- 13

ROOM-DISCHARGING - Fuel extractor stirrer

safe                                       tough                                      reliable

Tropenglut room discharger::

           - Hydraulic push floor
           - Fuel extractor stirrer

Fuel extractor stirrer

Suitable for smaller store rooms is this well priced room discharger. The stirring device, including a spring arm, can reach  a diameter from 2,5 to 5,5 meters, depending on the store room size. We recommend a dumping height up to 3 meters.
The fuel extractor stirrer consists of:

           - drive gear with agitator disc
           - compact bunker screw conveyors with connecting coupler
           - gearmotor
           - dropshaft with connection flange

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